Everlasting Impact: Are you living for the right reasons?

City-Gate---Everlasting-Impact-Blog-Post-(header)How do you take your life and leverage it for something that really matters in the end? You may be influential and good at connecting with people. But how do you actually make an everlasting impact? I believe that every single person wants their lives to matter for something; you want to make an impact, not just an impression.

What does that look like? The first ‘heartbeat’ that I believe every follower of Jesus (wanting to have an everlasting impact) must have, is a clear message:

We live in a world that is begging for the hope that we have within us. It is constantly looking for answers and so often Christians find themselves stuttering. Our message, if we love Jesus, if we know Jesus, has to be unbelievably clear.

What is our message?

  1. At the very beginning, there was nothing but God and God simply created everything by speaking. On the 6th day God reaches into the dirt and forms mankind; it’s the first thing God ever touches and He breathes life into man. Why? So that we can have a deep relationship with Him, walk with Him, know Him and be fully loved by Him.
  2. But we screwed it all up, we have looked at God and said: “no thank You, I think I have figured it all out, I’ll do it my way.” At that moment sin enters the world and breaks it. And we all know and feel that we live in a broken world. Sin separates us from God. The entire Old Testament is one big promise that God loved us too much to leave us in this state – one day He would send a hero to fix it all.
  3. When you turn to the New Testament; you see that a hero shows up… but not the hero that everyone expected. The hero was God Himself; God chose to leave His throne room, come to planet earth and wrap Himself in human flesh. He walked on earth 33 perfect years, teaching us what it means to be human and then willingly laid down His life on the cross. The penalty for our treason – crucified, placed in a tomb and 3 days later He walked out of the grave, showing that He has power over death and sin.
  4. And now everyone who calls on the name of Jesus, everyone who will bow the knee and confess Him to be Lord, WILL BE And will move from being enemies of God, to being adopted into the family of God!

In a world that is begging for answers, our message has to be clear, both in our speech and also in our hearts.

The second heartbeat is being: marked by Christ

Is it obvious to the world that we walk with Jesus? Are we marked by Him? Do we spend time with Him? Enough that it begins to rub off on us – not in a performance mentality like a theatre.

When the power of the gospel hits you, you are forever changed. Is it obvious that we have been with Jesus?

The third heartbeat is: being motivated by the cross

Everyone one of us champions something and we want to tell everyone the things we have experienced. That’s the whole point of Facebook and Instagram. We can tell everyone and no one about everything we have seen, heard and do. None of us can say: “I don’t like to evangelise, I don’t like to tell people what I’m into” – that isn’t true for the majority of us.

So the question is: are we grasped enough by God that we can’t help but speak about Him? Do we want to tell the world about what He has done? For so many people, Christianity is a giant list of dos and don’ts – that’s NOT Christianity. The truth is: the moment we bow our knees at the waterfall of God’s grace and His mercy and His love we are free to be different because we are now consumed by Him and we want to tell the world about it.

Here’s the deal – if the purpose of your existence ends with you, then it is selfish and sinful. The only reason God did not take you up with Him into heaven (which is far better than earth – living with God forever!) is because God has an assignment for you:

God is so in love with students in a classroom wanting them to know about His grace and love, so much so that He will put you in that classroom to tell them about it.

God is so in love with people in the workplace, so much so that He will put you in an organisation to tell the people of that love.

God is so in love with people in your social circles and He wants YOU to tell them that!

I pray that these heartbeats will embody every single Christian.
I cannot begin to imagine, what God would do in South Africa, let alone in Africa, if 10% believed this and had these heartbeats.

In summary:

  1. The message will never be clear if you don’t know it.
  2. You are never going to be marked by Christ if you have a Saviour that you don’t walk with.
  3. You will never be motivated by the cross if you don’t return to it daily.

God bless.

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