City Gate

We are a collective of individuals, with a vision of seeing African cities transformed by the gospel of Christ through urban art. We are convinced that this Gospel is the most powerful agent for change and that art is a perfect channel for influence. Hence we employ our God-given creativity to bring about this transformation in people’s lives. Our hope is that they increasingly become who God intends them to be.




We believe that the bible is our primary source for life and therefore helps us as the lens from which we view the entire world.


Our creativity comes from being plugged into a genuine relationship with Jesus and in turn inspires people to increasingly become who God intends them to be.


Jesus is the central reason for why we do what we do and is ultimately the very fabric of the transformation we speak of.


Only through the Gospel can our cities be transformed into communities with a common attitude to love God, love people and hate sin.

The CANON inspires our CREATIVITY for CHRIST who is the foundation of our COMMUNITY.