Boasting about being hip hop through and through, with very strong boom bap roots. Blaque Nubon has leaned towards a sound of rap that prompts him to do just that, RAP! Though with the new tone of hip hop he has infused new age ambient sounds with that “I am still a rapper” feel to his art. His music is very lyric driven and thought provoking, he wants to have a conversation with the listener long after they have turned off the radio.

“I’ve always wanted to make a statement through art, which would evoke a thought-out response in anyone who engaged with it.” – Blaque Nubon

In his latest offering – Exile Republic, Blaque seeks to ask really muddy questions about the realities of living in such a chaotic world. With racial tensions, identity questions, the role of relationships, the status quo of the music industry and dealing with his own ambition. He wants his audience to wrestle with these challenges alongside him, with the intention of ordering and organising the chaos in this world, so that we may live lives that are truly good in all spheres.

Working with a number of both local and international producers and artists. Exile Republic is coloured like the rainbow – very layered in its content but gives a clear announcement of hope. Within just two weeks of its release this project sat at the number one spot of the Google play hip hop charts, which spoke volumes of Blaque’s intended desire to spread hope to all who listen to him.

Dully Sauce, is a single from Exile Republic inspired by an increasing desire to make his music mean more to people. Blaque says in the process many of his critiques said to him, that if this desire is going to be fulfilled, he will need to dumb down his hope of trying to see people’s lives changed. He shouldn’t speak too much about Jesus, it’s too serious and boring – people just want to turn up. So he wrestles with these critiques and earnestly asks how wrong is it for him to want to see people’s lives changed for the better, when the chaos in our lives and society increasingly becomes overwhelming.

This is how he describes the feeling. “it’s as though we are in a burning building and by God’s grace I was directed to the exit and now I’m calling everyone else to the exit but my critiques say to me, leave people in the burning building, they don’t know it yet, so don’t concern them with it” But Blaque says his love for people is too much for him to keep silent.

“Exile” was the first single from Exile Republic. This single is inspired by a multilayer of life experiences. The overarching theme is of the truth that we are all exiles in this world longing to go home.

And being black, growing up in a township, attending “multiracial schools” and being a young married Christian in the hip hop culture, all this has built into the feeling and experience of being exiled at every level for Nubon. The song further communicates the hope that all of this happens, not by chance but with God’s sovereign intent.

It features Lilly Million, who brings a rich solid base to the song, with her voice that holds together all the vibrant new age uplifting pop sounds produced by Street Carnivore. Which then amplifies Blaque’s cinematic lyricism, exploring his multi-layered reality.

His debut album – “Watchman” possesses music that invites the listener into this artist’s life experiences and beliefs. Through this project he reintroduces a side of hip hop that has been overlooked in the recent years. The freedom to speak about God and how we see him in society. This album is shaped by influences 70’s soul, vocal samples and electronic music. This body of work has won Blaque an SABC crown Gospel Award in 2015 for best rap album and a Mzansi Gospel Award in the same year – 2015, for best rap album. And this opened platforms for him to perform in broader Africa and Europe subsequently.

Blaque has solidified his footing as one of the leaders for Christian Hip Hop in South Africa, seeking to break into the mainstream, to tackle head on, issues facing humanity in the 21 century and to help spear-head the movement for “solution music” as he puts it

“it’s all good that we get on songs and share our lives with the listener but people need real life transforming hope, so if our music does not point them to this hope, then it’s essentially hopeless and therefore pointless” – Blaque Nubon

This drive has lead him to knock down a couple of doors with relevant opportunities to help him gain a voice in his arena. Performing at a number of prestigious events like the 8th Annual SABC Crown Gospel Awards, which were broadcasted on SABC 1. He was part of the line up for the first Mzansi Gospel Awards, Gospel Classics on SABC 2, “Battle of the mics – which he won on ETV’s Sunrise, “In concert with” & “Jam Session” both on One Gospel.

Legal name Mlungisi Ngubane, this Tembisa born rapper is also passionate about preaching. And this very deliberate involvement in his local church, has helped him gain a greater perspective of the hearts of his musical audience. This 29 year old is currently signed to City Gate Recordings, a music recording company he founded and co-owns.

This maverick definitely has a lot to offer in the music industry and culture. If you have never listened to Blaque Nubon, do not waste another minute. His cinematic lyricism, expressed through the gritty texture of his vocals and energetic deliverance is bound to capture your attention.

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